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pend ten million to buy glass beveling machine is not a small sum
Date:2014-3-25     Edior:     Click:1911

Spend ten million to buy glass beveling machine is not a small sum for a small business or small with Frank speaking, it must be in the purchase under the feet of eyesight, or purchase contract should specify the important parts of the factory requirements.

  1, glass beveling machine motor is most important, its accuracy is very high, generally well equipped for the ABB motors.

  2, the front and rear plates must be whole flat, uneven sample sizes or description of plywood are not on a tight wire gong to buy a note to the next level measurement error must be controlled within 0.02mm, in order to ensure the straightness hypotenuse machines.

  3, front and rear beams must absolutely straight, base, column, etc. must be casting, casting welded rigid if not bad. The machine will be easy to loose.

  4, beveling machine transmission chain drive is the best way to choose, because the conveyor bearings, bearing water and glass powder is easy to wear and easy maintenance of the very high.

  So use a little more spirit purchase process will reduce a lot of unnecessary after grinding annoying.

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